Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Prayerful Visit

Last evening some friends dropped by to bring us more boxes. I told them both about my Land Rover being locked and not wanting to unlock. One of them suggested we all go into the garage and pray over the Land Rover, God can unlock them, right? We went down to the garage, she started to pray, I turned the ignition, pushed the unlock button, and the door locks popped up! I was so excited, amazed and grateful! I had prayed earlier that day for God to unlock the doors, and He chose not to. He let my Rover stay in the garage all day, locked. So, when we went to pray over it, I had a seed of doubt. Yet, He still answered.
Of course there was jumping up and down, hugging, and screams of delight when the locks popped up.  It's a huge relief to me, because now I can unload the back, my kids and dog can get in the Rover without going through the drivers side, and I can use it to during our move.  And, we don't have to invest money right now to fix it, praise God!
I spent the entire day yesterday working on packing. My husband and son did a lot of packing as well. Now, we are living with a lot of boxes, weaving our way in out of paths we have created through out the house.  Today will be much the same, with a few more breaks.
I am praying that God will give me the strength I need to make it through this week. I will feel His arms around me, and know that He is here with me as we make this move.  He cares about the locks on my Rover, I know He cares about this move as well. Even though we have moved several times, I find that I sometimes have no clue what I am doing. Just like with my Rover, I really had no idea what to do with the locks, except pray.
When I opened my bible this morning, it fell to James 1, and this is the verse I read:

"If you don't know what you're doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You'll get His help, and won't be condescended to when you ask for it. Ask boldly, believing without a second thought." (Message)

This is a good reminder for me today.  The Father loves to help, and He waits for me to ask for help. As I'm neck high in boxes today and other activities I will continue to ask for help. And, I will smile every time I remember the prayerful visit.
Say That again, Father God, You love to help!

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