Friday, September 14, 2012

The Good Offer

We received an offer on our ministry house yesterday, a good offer. We countered the offer with a few minor changes. It was a good offer. When I first heard, tears came to my eyes, but I brushed them away, with a choice to not think about the sorrow, but the good offer. Today, I still feel the tears asking to come, it is because I am conflicted inside of myself.  I want to be happy about the the good offer, but there are also the losses that I feel. God continues to remind me that He has our best interest in His heart, and He reminds me over and over again of the day I was washing dishes at our ministry house and He said to me: "How can I expand your territory, if you are hanging on to this territory?"  And, He is right, of course, He is God! The memories live inside my heart, the house can go. It is a gain in God's sight, He sold it with the second person that looked at it. It was quick, just as we had prayed. I do not want to reject His good offer of numerous blessings and answered prayer.
I had a picture in my mind of Jesus standing at the gate and offering every spiritual blessing, eternity, love, His Spirit, hope, etc...It's a good offer. How often do I say to Him that the offer looks good, but I want something else? An earthly offer, perhaps, like my houses, or false security?  He backs up His word to me every time, and has penetrated my heart to see that the only real good offer is Him. Still, there are days I am challenged with  looking at the temporary, and the eternal offer slips to the background.
The process of letting go, and giving more and more to God has been interesting, challenging, and sometimes frightening. But, He has a good offer that I see cannot be turned down. And, through it He offers strength, truth, and clarity.
There's a lot of changes, and stress. But, God offers peace to withstand and hope that it will get better. It's a good offer. Say That Again, Jesus, You are a good offer!


  1. God is good. I felt so blessed that he answered our prayer on this.


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