Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Shadow

My husband and I have been taking Fur Ball for walks every evening up the hill. He likes our evening walks. A couple evenings ago, Fur Ball noticed our shadow across the street, and decided that we were being followed. He insisted on attacking the shadows! Pounce! It became a little frustrating to Fur Ball when he realized that there was not anything he could do about the shadows, they would not respond to him.
He had to eventually give up, surrender.
Surrender, it's a daily thing. I know I have to surrender every day, and sometimes it's pretty darn hard. Sometimes, I'm not exactly sure what I'm surrendering. I have to say to Him that I need Him to take everything, but then I find myself taking bits of myself back, working to be in control, again. Chasing my own shadows...
Jesus, I want to be under the shadow of Your wings, only You. Just as Your Word says to me:

"Keep me as  the apple of the eye; Hide me in the shadow of Your wings." Psalms 17:8

Say That Again, Father God, You will hide me in the shadow of Your wings!

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