Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Big Furniture

We managed to get our furniture loaded in a truck and safely delivered to our new house.  Yesterday was a long day, but it went well. All the furniture was unloaded and placed in the correct rooms, except for the couch we intended to go in the bonus room upstairs.  We tried every angle and it simply would not make the corner at the top of the stairs to get into the bonus room. It is too big. I rearranged everything in my mind and suggested we try the other couch, but to no avail; it's too big as well. Such is life, I found a different location for big furniture and moved on to other things. I think it will be okay.
Today we finish moving, at least we finish moving out of one house!  Our ministry home still needs to be emptied. I have had plenty of time to talk to God during this move, while I work at packing things into boxes, and sort through various items. This has been a challenging process for me, but I do know it is the process God desires. He has relocated me and continues to remind me that my home here on earth is temporary, not my final destination. Wherever I am living, I can talk to Him and be in His presence.
 In Hebrew 13:14 it says this:
"This insider world is not our home. We have our eyes peeled for the City about to come."

I think about the City of God pretty often, and I'm looking forward to that move and the mansion He will have for me there. Everything will fit perfectly, even me.
Say That Again, Lord God, this earth, this home is temporary, You have so much more waiting for me.

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