Friday, September 28, 2012

The Almond Joys

Earlier this week I bought a big bag of chocolate candy, a mix of all kinds. While packing, I occasionally picked out an almond joy. It's my favorite :) how many almond joys does it take to move out of a house? For me , it's been too many.
We went to our new house yesterday. I unpacked a few boxes. Our son unpacked his room. I worked mostly in the kitchen and prayed. Actually, I prayed the entire trip out to the country house because I was feeling sad. I even had another almond joy, but it didn't suffice. My prayer was that I would feel joy and gratitude. The blessings bestowed upon me are immeasurable. Yet, I guess I still will grieve for the change of lifestyle.
One of the verses I memorized this week was in Matthew 2:10-11. This is what it says in The Message:

"They entered the house and saw the Child in the arms of Mary, His mother.  Overcome, they kneeled down and worshiped Him. Then they opened their luggage and presented Him with gifts: gold,  frakincense, and myrrh. "

First of all, I'm amazed at the change of location Jesus made for me! From perfect heaven to sinful earth all for the purpose of saving me. And then, the Wisemen, when they entered into His earthly home and saw Him, they were so overcome, that they had no other option but to kneel down and worship Him. They were completely taken in by His presence. Then, they gave Him their gifts.
I've thought about this verse a lot this week, and asked myself, am I overcome when I enter into His house? Is it so compelling that I can do nothing but fall to my knees and worship Him? Not only that, do I continually offer my gifts to Him?
He has given me the ability to be in His presence all the time, wow! Wherever I am, any place I live, I can still be with Him.
Jesus, Say That Again, overcome me with who You are. Continue to move me deep into Yourself. I will worship You!

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