Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Drapes

I spent much of the morning taking down all our drapes and curtain rods. The windows are bare and it feels strange to me. This entire move feels weird to me, like a dream, and I wonder what it's going to be like to not be in this home anymore.  Originally, my husband had said that we would leave all the drapes, but I asked to change that. I think the new house will need these drapes! All the drapes say "dry clean only" so I punched in on google and asked how to wash dry clean items.   A list popped up with instructions on how to wash them and what was okay to wash. So, I popped the living room drapes in the washer and pushed the hand wash button. They just finished,  I pulled them out of the washer and hung them up to dry. They look perfect. So, the bedroom drapes are next. Those silly labels, insisting that I take all my drapes to the dry cleaner when  I can wash them at home!
Naturally, I started thinking about labels. How often do I place a label on someone, only to find out that I'm completely wrong? I know I have done this, and I know I've been labeled as well. But, this  often happens without really seeing into the window of someones soul. Life is full of judgments, and choices that have to be made, but what if those judgments and choices were always for the good, and not for evil? If I can always believe that God brings all things together for those that love Him and His protection to my heart and soul is always there, how does that change the judgments I make?  How does it expand the labels I put on myself, or even others?
Our house is brighter without the drapes. But, it allows more people to see in; it feels vulnerable. I suppose that is the same as the windows to my soul. If I do not cover up, but allow God's light to shine completely in, there will be brightness and others will see His light. I will be far more vulnerable, and risk being labeled. Yet, with the light, I will also know no darkness, because He is with me, even to the end of days!
I guess that's a lot to think about just from a label on the drapes. But, I want Jesus to continually Say that Again to me. He is light, He brings brightness, and He shows me how to open the drapes to my heart and soul.

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