Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Goodbye

My son and daughter in law have gone back to school, taking my grandson with them. I offered to make a trade of some sort with them, but there was no interest. I will miss them. I will miss my grandson, he has been a joy this summer. I liked the days that I was able to babysit him, and I look forward to more.
I hope to see all of them again soon, for I know he will grow fast and he will make a lot of changes. The first year of his life is exciting for all the people around him, because we get to watch him grow, and he grows well.
He reminds me a lot of his sweet mother, but most people are reminded of his amazing daddy. Either way, he's got it made.
It's pretty cool being a grandma. It's a blessing to see my very own son father his child and love his wife. I am looking forward to what the future holds in terms of more grandchildren :)
Say  That Again, Jesus, You have given me gifts, like grandchildren. Thank you.

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