Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Temptation

Jacob's son, Joseph was thrown in a pit, then sold, then hauled off to Egypt. Clearly his brothers did not look upon him fondly, they told Jacob that big fat lie about his death, and then Jacob basically grieved for years.
Joseph, even though he was sold as a slave, was blessed by God. Genesis 39 says this: "The Lord was with Joseph, so he became a successful man."
It's not that he didn't encounter any problems. He was a handsome dude, chapter 39 also says this: "Now Joseph was handsome in form and appearance." His master's wife noticed this and looked upon him with desire. She very much wanted Joseph to be with her, but Joseph refused. Then one day he went to the house to work and  she was there, she caught his garment saying to him "Lie with me"  He left his garment in her hand and fled! She called for help accusing him of wrong doing. When his master heard of it, Joseph did not even defend himself! So, he was taken off to jail.
But, The Lord was with Joseph and extended kindness to him and gave him favor even in the jail!
My favorite part in this story, is how Joseph ran. He was tempted by a beautiful women, but he did not sin. He did what we are all suppose to do when faced with temptation--FLEE!
God provided a way of escape, and he took it, without hesitation. He didn't even stop long enough to grab his clothes, he just ran.
I am bombarded with temptation all the time. For me the temptation is to quit, or to run, or hide. I'm tempted to isolate forever, complain longer, or maybe just be hopeless!  I'm tempted to not persevere, to curl up in a ball with a blanket and a book and pretend life is different. I can flee from those temptations, I can pray, and resist. God will rescue me. He has promised to never leave me or forsake me, and to overflow me with His Presence.
Jesus, I will see Your Goodness, hear Your Goodness, and speak Your Goodness all the days of my life, and flee temptation. You will rescue me when I call. Say That Again, Jesus, You will rescue from temptation!

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