Friday, August 3, 2012

The Helmet of Salvation

This morning I read about the Helmet of Salvation. It's part of the crucial armor that God tells us to put on. The last piece of armor a Roman soldier would put on was his helmet. It was made of bronze and leather, and clearly, it protected his head. If he was hit in the head, he was out---probably for good!
The Helmet of Salvation is my protection from the battle in my mind, it gives me the ability to reason logically and wisely from a biblical worldview, no matter what the enemy throws at me. This is something God does for me, I can't do it.  When I wear the Helmet of Salvation, I'm making the choice between eternal truth and fatal error, life and death. By wearing the Helmet, I am keeping God's truth, His very Word, within my mind, so that I am able to fight off the lies of Satan! As long as I have the Helmet of Salvation, my mind will be filled with the foundational knowledge of my secure eternity. I will understand who I am, and walk in my authority as God's child. I will understand that all His promises are YES.
A lot can happen in life, I've discovered that. We win some, we loose some. We die. And, then we wake up to God's glory! So, as I'm walking along winning and loosing, I want to have my armor on. I want to know His truth and have it secure within my mind, so that when the enemy of my soul comes at me in full attack, and he does come, I will be ready. The truth sets me free. The enemy attacks with lies, but I have on my Helmet and with that Helmet my mind is filled with the foundational knowledge of His Word. The enemy attacks, but I have on my Helmet, and I know I have the authority to put up my defense of truth, and stand firm in freedom. I am God's child, and I will speak His Word!
Say That Again, Jesus, You have given me armor. You are my protection, my safeguard, my Hedge, my Firewall. 

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