Friday, August 10, 2012

The Granite Counter Top

We looked at a house yesterday in the country. It was a lovely house. My kids and my husband liked it. I liked it too. But, as I was walking through it,  I also noticed that it did not have granite counter tops in the kitchen! To add to the kitchen problem, it had an electric stove, which to me is kitchen torture. I didn't hesitate to point these faults out to God, and mention to Him that the kitchen I will be leaving is far better. He didn't hesitate to remind me that I am the one that prayed for my heart to be penetrated and my territory to be expanded! He went on to remind me of a verse in Psalms 62:7

My help and glory are in God-granite-strength and safe-harbor God--

Oh yeah, this is about God, not me! Why do I always forget that?  I can walk a journey and get caught up in the granite counter tops and the gas stove? yup, I sure can.  The funniest part about it all, I don't even cook that often! God wants my Granite and my Fire to be Him.  He continues to tell me that He is my Home, my Strength, my Safety, and He will light the path.  I continue to pray radical prayers, and He answers them.
Say That Again Granite God, You are my Safe Harbor, and You will travel with me and I will always be Home!

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