Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Palms of His Hands

In the devotional read to me yesterday I was reminded again that I am engraved in the palms of God's Hands. As I was thinking about that this morning, I wondered if that means God has tattoo's on His Hands? My name, tattooed on His Hand?  I like this picture. It brings to life, even more the vision of being captured in His Hands, which is exactly where I want to be all the time.
There's a lot of circumstances, a lot of feelings, a lot of unknowns right now for me and my family, but God is always reminding me that I am still captured In His Hands during all of it. It doesn't feel good, sometimes I am afraid, lonely, tired, frustrated, angry, perplexed, but other times I am happy and reassured again that He is the One with the plan and still in charge of this journey.  I'm the one that asked for the adventure, and the one that asked to be used for Him, so as I remain captured in His Hands, the Hands that are tattooed with my name, I will rejoice today for the gifts He gives.
Say That Again, Jesus, Your Hands capture me, and say my name, how cool is that?

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