Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Healing Power

I appreciated the Sarah Young devotional yesterday. It reminded me that God is the God that heals, and brings restoration to broken bodies, minds, relationships, hearts, and lives. I was reminded that it is through Him that there is immense healing power. Just by being connected to His Spirit, there is healing, and then when I come before Him and ask Him for what I need, there is much more.
I've been thinking about yesterday's devotional and the part that said this: "As you grow more and more intimate with Me, I reveal my will to you more directly."
It reminded me of Paul and the three times he went to God and asked Him to remove the thorn in his flesh. Each time the answer God gave him was no! God told him that His grace was enough to see him through. God did not heal him, or take away the thorn, but instead taught Paul to press more into Him and trust Him to meet his needs. The healing Paul received was a healing of the heart, a healing of trust.
In my own life, there are many areas that I bring before the Throne of God. I will often cry out to Him for healing. I ask, and sometimes I do receive, but often I feel as if I am not receiving the healing that I so long for. But, as I look at this and discuss this with God, I know that is not true. My prayers have been for Him to reveal truth to me to reveal His glory, through His revelations there has been much intimacy and growth with Jesus. Through His revelation of truth, I have learned that I must trust Him, and I must find a hedge of His people to wrap around me. Through His revelation of truth, He has prepared me to speak more openly, and to live with open hands on this earth.
Sometimes, because there is a thorn in the flesh, it is hard to see the healing. But, it is there, and there is more to come. But, it is God's way, in His timing. I have to trust in Him and know that He has begun a good work in me and He will complete it. He has a plan and a purpose, and as His Saint, His chosen child, I can boldly go before His Throne in my time of need and receive mercy and grace. He will touch me with immense healing power. Say That Again, Sweet Jesus, You have the healing power, and You continue to touch my life!

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