Monday, August 6, 2012

The Family Line

So one of Jacob's son's, Judah, went off to the land of Canaan and found himself a wife. Her name was Shua. She had three sons, and they named the three son's Er, Onan, and Shelah. The sons grew up, Judah found them wives. For Er, he found a women named Tamar. But, sadly, Er was evil in the sight of the Lord, and the Lord took his life--er, what now?
So, Tamar, was left without a husband, Judah came in on the scene to his son Onan and told him to go  be with Tamar. Onan, wasn't overly excited about the idea, so he avoided creating offspring, which in turn was displeasing to God. Consequently, Onan's life was taken as well.
Judah, told Tamar to wait around for Shelah to grow up, then she could marry him. But, he didn't follow through with his word, Judah was afraid that Shelah would die too. So Tamar ended up taking off her widow's clothes and sitting at the city gate. She had a veil over her face. When Judah saw her, he invited her to come be with him, not knowing who she was.
As it turned it, she conceived. She became pregnant with twins from her father in-law. When Judah discovered later the in's and out's of all that had happened, he confessed and did not have relations with her again.
During childbirth, one of the babies put his hand out and the midwife tied a red thread around his wrist, saying: "This one came out first." But then he pulled it back and his brother came out first. She said "Oh! A breakout!" So she named him Perez, meaning breakout. Then his brother came out with a red thread  on his wrist. They named him Zerah, meaning, bright.
Perez is an ancestor of Jesus! God took this ungodly situation and put him in the family line of the Messiah, despite the fact that neither Judah or Tamar were Godly examples.
Jesus, I love how you have chosen me and put me in Your family line! I may not always be the best example, but I'm Your family. Say That Again, I'm in Your family line!

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