Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Family Day

Today has been a good day for our family. As I've mentioned many times, I feel very blessed to have my family, my husband, my sons, my daughter in laws, my daughter, and grandchildren.  They have all richly blessed my life. We spent the day together today, and it has been a lot of fun.
We met at the park this morning so my son could take our family picture. With all of us, dogs included, we had 17 in the picture. My son's profession is photography, still it is a challenge for him to photograph his own family and get in the picture himself!
We were running late, so while waiting for the slower members of the family, my two daughters and I took a detour to the coffee shop for iced coffee. Slow pokes can't put a damper on iced coffee!
Picture taking was a lot of fun and I'm eager to see the final result.
After pictures we took our tubes to the river for our annual river float. Every year, in August we tie our tubes together and float down the river for three hours. Its fun, its relaxing, sometimes it's crazy. This year, upon arrival, we discovered that the biggest tube had a really big leak. My husband and sons attempted to patch it, but no luck. So we doubled up, and headed down the river. We played, we talked, we swam. We ate our snacks.  It was fun to float, and be together.
Our evening ended with dinner to celebrate my daughter in laws birthday. She is deeply loved and we are excited be there and have dinner with her.
It's been a day of blessings and rewards. God has given this day to me and my family and I am thankful. He has reminded me once again that I have a family that loves me. Even, when some things do not go exactly as planned, when I am with the ones I love, I am blessed and have a nice time. It is good.
Jesus, Say That Again, You have blessed me, and You are good.

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