Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Box

I've been slowly working through my closet. I gave away a lot of my shoes, the ones I don't wear anymore. And, yesterday, I packed up a bunch more in this box. I snapped a picture, and realized later that my picture was sideways. Oh well.
I had one shoe without a mate and still have not found it. Don't know where it could have gone. Even shoes loose their partners.
My closet has always been full of treasure, and I found a few yesterday. Some good, some not so good. It's a big closet. I needed a big box for my shoes, the ones I didn't give away, and I'll need another one for the ones I left in the closet.
I'm thankful for the box.
And, today I'm thankful for shoes.
And, I'm thankful for walk in closets.
And, I'm praising God that He has gifted me with all of this. 
I have friends that have been bringing me lots of boxes for our stuff. The stuff for the house we live in and the stuff in our ministry house. It's been very thoughtful and kind. I'm thankful for them, and for their boxes.
This morning I asked God what I should read and He led me to Psalms 4. I love this chapter, especially starting at verse 3:

But know that the Lord has set apart the godly man for Himself;  The Lord hears when I call to Him. 
Tremble, and do not sin; Meditate in your heart upon your bed, and be still. Offer sacrifices of righteousness, and trust in the Lord.

Again, God has the "be still" message ringing in my ears. And, saying again to me, to trust in Him. I like how He affirms that I am set apart for Him. Just as I have gone through my closet and set apart certain shoes, methodically choosing which pairs will be boxed up, He too sets me apart for Himself to be in relationship with Him.
God, my Lord and Savior, Say That Again, when I call to You, You will hear me. You have set me apart, and I will be still and trust in You.

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