Monday, July 23, 2012

The Results

Our team came together, like they always do, and worked really hard this last weekend. We had fun.  We were blessed with a lot of donations for our House Yard sale, and we spent a lot of time sorting, pricing, and laughing!
I watched a team of people come together and work seamlessly. They got along with each other in a kind and loving way. They reached out to the community and to each other. I felt blessed to be on their team. I watched them be rich in the Spirit of God, and further His Kingdom. I saw their hearts and the hearts of others expanded, and that was exciting.
I don't always know what God is doing or how He is going to do it, but I do know He is going to do something good. I know He is going to keep His promises and there will be abundant blessings because of it. This is what He did last weekend.
Jesus, thank you for using The House Yard Sale to be a good result in my life and the life of others. Say That Again, You are working in the community and I feel blessed to be a part of that work!

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