Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Man's Dog

I took my kids and Fur Ball to the lake today. It's been hot here, so a dip in the lake was a welcome relief for all of them. Fur Ball especially needed to be cooled down, he has a lot of extra hair. We arrived at one of our favorite spots and hiked up the hill, then back down the other side to our beach. We were surprised to discover that there was already someone there. A man and his dog, the dog was just like Stinky dog! My kids were intrigued to see another Stinky dog swimming in the water, and asked the man what her name was and where she came from. I assured them that she belonged to him and it was not actually our Stinky Dog. They seemed a bit skeptical.
Fur Ball loved the man's dog, and he wanted to play. He tried everything to get her attention. He danced around the waves in the water and barked. He nipped at the dogs hind feet, and her butt. He did leaps and nose dives off the dock. But, the man's dog had no interest at all in Fur Ball. She found Fur Ball to be an irritation, and the more Fur Ball tried to get her attention, the more of irritation he became. Fur Ball even went all the way into the lake, getting his hair completely wet for the man's dog, but still she did not sway from her conviction that Fur Ball was nothing but an irritant.
She was a beautiful dog, but her attitude was not like Stinky Dog. In my opinion, Stinky Dog would have played with Fur Ball. But, I kind of liked Stinky Dog and was with the opinion that she could do no wrong, even after she attacked the biker in the street. So, I may not be the best person to ask.
It comforts me to know that Jesus has even more love and grace towards me than I had towards Stinky Dog. He pursues me more than Fur Ball pursued the Man's Dog today. His grace abounds, His love is endless. Say That Again, Jesus, You are my God and You love me!

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