Monday, July 16, 2012

The Day at the River

We went to the river yesterday. Its a beautiful drive there. And, this year we've had so much rain, it's especially green. Our friends have property right on the banks of the river, so the view is spectacular! Our children, and our dog, had fun playing in the water.
And, then, as a group, we started telling stories about another visit to the river. The time we were there and a friend packed his two kids and his wife across the river and climbed the mountain. Everybody laughed in amazement. My son decided that he should climb the mountain and asked if he could cross the river too.  Eventually, my husband and two children were headed out to cross the river, one on his shoulders, the other firm in his hand.  The river banks lined with an audience.
Half way into the river, my son lost his footing and panic washed over his face. At that point, I had my own rescue plan secure in my head, just in case. But, my husband never lost his firm grip on him, not ever. And, my daughter, still high on his shoulders, never felt at risk, not even once. My husband gently turned around, and guided my children back to where they started, he decided they really couldn't make it across the river.
Naturally, I was very relieved to see them turn around and as they were gingerly walking back, I continued to pray that their steps would be steadfast and God would hold them up. When they made it to the river bank, I felt many emotions. I didn't like seeing my family out in the river like that, away from me. Leaving me with nothing to do, but PRAY!  I realized, hadn't I just asked God to enable me to be completely dependent on Him?  I can't do anything?  I have to simply pray and then leave it all up to Him?  I often think I do that, but that was a good test. I'm thinking prayer is mighty, and that is the reason His Word says things like "pray without ceasing" or "devote yourselves to prayer" or "Jesus prayed the whole night" As I was standing there on the riverbank, praying, I was doing the most powerful thing for my family. It was the best rescue plan available to them. It really was my only option.
God, I am blessed to have the ability to pray. You have given me prayer partners. You have given me Your Spirit to take my prayers to Your Throne. You hear me, and speak to my heart. Say That Again to me, and I will pray!

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  1. Amen. The fervent prayer of a righteous man avail much :) James 5:16. Love you.


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