Friday, July 13, 2012

The Spiritual Blessing

I've been thinking about blessings a lot. God has pointed out my blessings over the years, and has asked me to focus on blessing others. Sometimes, I have gone through a day and have failed to see the blessings, because I've been in too much pain. In the pit of despair, it can be challenging to know that the blessings of God are alive and vibrant, even when my life feels like it's falling apart!
I read Ephesians 1 this morning and it's all about the spiritual blessings that God has given me. In verse 3 it says that I am blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ! 
The first blessing  listed is Adoption. Long ago, He decided to adopt me into His family through Christ Jesus.
The next blessing is redemption and forgiveness. Now I am free, abundantly FREE.
Blessing number three? He made known to me the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention. He has let me, and all His children in on the plan. It is through Christ that I discover who I am and what I am living for!
Next blessing? I have a great inheritance. I'm predestined for His purpose, and He works all things according to His will.
Topping it off with the blessing of the sealing of the Holy Spirit, who is given as a pledge to me.  The Spirit is a promise to me that I will get everything that is promised to me, which is a glorious and praising life. 
I enjoyed reading this chapter, and will read it many more times to remind myself of these blessings. To tell myself of the richness that I have right now deep within my soul. On the days that I feel like I'm in the pit, I will work to remember that I have a great inheritance!
Say That Again, my Jesus. Blessings abound!

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