Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Perfect Moment

Both of my children had a wonderful time gazing upon their nephew yesterday. It was the perfect moment! We were gifted with his presence for a few hours, and never once was he put down. He is my first grandson, and I'm certain I could hold him all the time, given the chance :) 
As a family, we spend considerable time looking for the resemblance of other family members in him. "He's just like his daddy, when he does that!" "His eyes are exactly like his mom." Most everyone thinks that he looks just like his daddy, but as I look at him, I see more of his lovely mom. Whatever the case, he clearly comes from them, and I am so excited to have him in our family. 
As I cared for him and held him yesterday, recognizing his complete dependence on me, my thoughts turned to my relationship with God. I cannot breathe, my heart does not beat, my very soul is not alive without a relationship with my God. He is my life, and unless I learn complete dependence on Him, trust, in Him, I cannot fully live my life!
This morning, I was just flipping the pages of my Bible and in Galatians chapter 3, on the Message side this was underlined:

"Anyone who tries to live by his own effort, independent of God, is doomed to failure."

That's pretty clear. Further down, it says this:

"The person who lives in right relationship with God does it by embracing what God arranges for him. Doing things for God is the opposite of entering into what God does for you."

Jesus, I need You. You are the Way, The path I choose to walk. You are Light, air, hope, everything that is good. Say That Again to me today, so I surrender to You, and keep my eyes on You.

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