Saturday, July 28, 2012

The God of Jacob

So, I'm back to Jacob again in my bible because God  keeps sending me to his story.  I read several chapters this morning and I'm thankful that my husband only has one wife!! Jacob went running off, scared stiff of Esau because he lied to his father about who he was. Then he made it to his Uncle Laban and saw Rachel, it was love at first sight. He said that he would work for seven years so that he could marry her, and work he did. Then, he married, only to wake up on his wedding day to find that dear Uncle Laban had given him big sister Leah, not his beloved Rachel. Interesting turn of events for Jacob to have such a trick pulled on him, I think, but he wasn't happy at all and he went straight to Laban and put in his complaint. Laban told him that it was the custom to marry off the oldest daughter first, then the youngest, and if he wanted Rachel he had to work another seven years. Jacob agreed, and he got Rachel too! Plus, along with both daughters, their maidservants.
Jacob did not love Leah, but she is the one that gave him sons.  Her first son, she named Reuben, which means,  Behold a Son.  Then, she had Simeon, which means, Hearing. "Because the Lord has heard that I am unloved." she said.  Then she had another son and named him Levi, which means, attached, with this son, she said: "with this son my husband will become attached to me, because I have borne him three sons."  And, then she had yet another son and named him Judah, which means, praise, and she said, "I will praise the Lord."
When Rachel realized her sister was having children she became jealous! And, the competitions were on, the rest of the story is in Genesis 30, and I found it fascinating to read again the story of how Jacob's family grew, and how God blessed them, even through the jealousy, and the sin, and the endless competition between two sisters!
Then there's Jacob, God finally told him to pack up and take his large family back home, back to where Esau was. So, he gathered everyone up and escaped without Laban's knowledge. Even though He had the promise of God that God would go with him, he was afraid. And, he even wrestled with God face to face, and received a blessing, yet still he was unable to trust Him.
I am relieved to see that Jacob was as human as I am. God has told me over and over again that He will go with me, that He will not leave me or forsake me. His promises have been sure and solid right in front of me, yet still there have been so many times that I am still afraid and unable to trust. There are many times that I am just like Jacob! Still God is steadfast, not leaving me, but calmly reassuring me that He has a plan.
Say That Again Jesus, I get caught up in the competition of life, or I forget to trust that you have a plan. But You are here and You are trustworthy, enable me to remember that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is my God too!

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