Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Earnest Prayer

I woke this morning thinking about blessings again desiring to pray an earnest prayer to God for abundant blessings within my soul and heart. A prayer like the prayer that Jabez prayed. I've prayed like this many times, but this morning it felt more like a plea.

Father, most Precious God,

Bless me! Take all that you have given me, and enlarge it.  Our business, our ministry, every opportunity. Expand my horizons, and rescue me in every area that I am in trouble.
Bless my husband and my children. Bless my ministry team and every person that enters the doors of Agape.  Multiply the relationships there by the power of Your Spirit. Multiply the influence of Agape and the Team for the glory of Jesus.
Bring wisdom to my husband and courage, boldness, strength and joy.  Expand his territory for Your glory. Guard him from the evil one.
Bless my children, each one of them and expand their lives for Your glory.
Jesus, bless me and expand my opportunities and impact my life in such a way that I touch more lives for Your glory. Use me to do more for you. Favor my key relationships to influence Your Kingdom. Father, send me divine appointments, and bless me with boldness, courage, and wisdom to stand in Your truth. Enable me to depend only on You and Your Spirit to speak through me. Jesus, expand Your Kingdom A LOT though me, and enable me to trust You.
Father, keep Your hand upon me and upon my family. Keep us dependent on Your strength. Be great and work through us, Lord God. Bless us with the gift of faith. Your power, not mine.
I'm pleading with You, for Your blessing, indeed.  Your hand of Power upon me and my family.
Father, keep us all from evil. Be our Guard, our Hedge, a Firewall around us. Jesus, keep me from temptation. Keep me from making the mistakes I'm most prone to when temptation comes. Protect me Father by Your power! You are the true source of all that is really life, direct my steps away from all that is not of You.
Jesus, keep my focus on the life eternal. Show me Your glory, Your revelation of truth. Open doors that expand the borders of my horizons deeply into Your horizons! Jesus, bless me, indeed!
Say That Again, Bless The Name Of Jesus!

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