Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Stinky Dog

My Stinky Dog is sick. My husband took her to the vet awhile back and they took x-ray of her leg, because she has been limping. The vet saw a spot on her bone. The vet told us that it was most likely, arthirtis, and a small chance of it being bone cancer. If it was bone cancer, she would not improve with the medication, she would get worse quickly.  She is getting worse, and she is getting worse, quickly. My Stinky Dog has lost her excitment for life. She needs help getting in and out of my car, and sometimes she even needs help getting up on the bed. She does not feel well at all. Pretty soon, we are going to have to make some big decisions for her life, and it's not going to be easy.
 We live in a world where evil happens all around us, and the results of that evil are heart wrenching. The results are death. Even worse than physical death, many, many people have a spiritual death. They do not know Jesus. They have not tasted HIS freedom in any way, or even know that it exists.
I grew up in that kind of spiritual death.
This post is really depressing, and it's kinda hard for it not to be as my Stinky Dog is laying here beside me and I know her future is not good. I think I need to learn lessons from my Stinky Dog. She handles one day at a time, and she trusts me completely. She takes the medicine I give her. She comes when I call her, even when it hurts her. She lays beside me and allows me to comfort her. She still goes in the car with me, although possibly she might prefer to isolate and be alone forgetting  the relationship because of pain. She still tries to eat when I feed her, but she lays by her bowl now, instead of stands or sits. She works to stay alive in relationship even when her life isn't what it use to be.
My life is pretty good with some challenging parts. I lead a blessed life, very blessed. And, today just because I wanted to, I wore orange and red together, I didn't think it looked that bad. And, when I asked someone why they thought this path of truth seeking was so important, the answer was inspiring and encouraging and enough to tell me that even though we live in a world of evil, I cannot forget that the One IN me is far greater!
Say that Again, Jesus You are the One IN me, and YOU are far greater!

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