Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Big Fiasco

We had a bad day. My two younger children, along with the stinky dog,  were spending a little time with their older brother and sister, this part was good. I came to pick them up. As I was gathering up my two children and we made our way to the truck, my son randomly and unkindly decided to throw his sister into the snow bank. She in turn retaliated, and the big fiasco began.  In the mean time, I realized, I had completely forgot about my poor stinky dog, and returned to the house to retrieve her, my daughter realizing it at the same time, opened the door, and let her out.  Stinky dog trotted to the truck, where the door was open, and began to get in, but, upon seeing the fiasco between my two children still in full swing, she became distracted. She then noticed a passerby in the street on his bicycle, and for some crazy reason an alarm went off in her brain. She jumped over the misbehaving children, ran out into the street, grabbed onto the man's pant leg, and bit him!
I called her harshly, and she stopped and looked at me. She came back right away. The man on the bike sped away before I could get his name or see if he was okay. Stinky dog got in the car. Misbehaved children, STILL fighting....
My fury was stirring inside, I grabbed the coller of my sons coat and picked him up out of the snowbank. "Get in the car!" I said coolly. I then proceeded to escort my daughter to her seat as well.
The feelings stirring around in my belly were hot as I backed out of the driveway. My two kids sitting in silence. My stinky dog most likely thinking she had done a great job protecting us all and I was ungrateful!
Of course my son got a phone call accusing him of his dog biting a man on a bike! Then I got a phone call from my son. "Mom, did your stinky dog bite some guy on a bike when you were over here?"
Stinky Dog does not feel well, but it didn't keep her from racing out into the street and attacking that man. As I thought about it, and prayed about it, I wondered if that might be the reason she did run out and attack that man? She doesn't feel well? When the lady from animal control came and we talked about the incident and about how poorly our Stinky Dog has been feeling, she was very kind  and understanding. We still received a very high citation, but her compassion towards our dog was evident.  And, that helped.
She had more compassion toward Stinky Dog than I had towards my children. I don't know what they were so upset about at that moment, why they had to create such a fiasco, but they did. And, I was not pleased with them at all. I didn't even try to understand, I just wanted God to make it all go away and put me on a hot summer beach. Child free beach!
We worked it out later. I loved on them, played with them. I confessed it all to God and talked to Him about it. And, wondered, how often does He look down and see me fighting? His compassion and love is endless. He tells me everyday that He will never leave me or forsake me. He looks at my misbehavior and covers me in grace!
Say That Again, Jesus, Your Compassion is endless and good, your grace covers me in my fiasco. I love you!

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