Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Challenge

By the time I made it to the airport this morning it was time to walk right on to the plane. I didn't have any extra time. At least I wasn't late! And, thanks to God, there was one spot left for my bag in the overhead compartments. I was thankful. By the time my plane landed in Denver, and I made my way through the crowd I was ready to find an earlier flight to Dallas, there were so many people in Denver! As I made my way to my gate, the plane that was currently boarding was going to Dallas and there just happened to be one seat left, an exit seat! Wow, God, He's good, I grabbed the seat, and walked right on! Just so happens that there was a spot left for my bag :-)
I am currently in Dallas. Even though it has gone well for me, I have felt stressed and kind of shaken. I can't really explain why except that I know life is a challenge for me right now. I just want to stay home, yet that is not possible when God says "Go"!
I am not always brave. So God has to be brave for me.
One more plane to go and I will be at my destination. That will be good. I will be with my friend. There is some comfort there for both of us.
Jesus, I'm seeing that life surrendered to you is a life of challenges in many ways. For me it is, because I am a natural Rebel. Thank you, for the challenge. Say That again, life is a challenge, surrendered to You!

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