Friday, January 20, 2012

The Naughty, Naughty, Dog

This is our Naughty, Naughty, Dog! While I was away visiting my friend in Missouri, he took the liberty to pee all over my book bag. I guess he missed me. My husband had to take all the books out of the bag and stack them on the table, then wash the bag. Its not the first time, this naughty, naughty dog has graced this bag.
The weather wasn't very good while I was gone, and my husband, having a very kind and compassionate heart did not want to leave our naughty, naughty dog outside in the cold. So, he put him in the garage, but, this dog escapes the garage before we can get our car out and close the garage door, taking advantage of the neighborhood freedoms while we are running errands. Naughty, naughty dog!
He is getting old, and can no longer get up on our bed, which is perfectly fine with me. He sits at the end of the bed and tries to jump up over and over again. My husband gives him a lift onto the bed! Once he is on the bed he makes his way to my pillow where he believes he should reside for the duration of the night.
Even thought he is a naughty, naughty, dog, he is still loved. We have taken good care of him and we have overlooked his behavior and given him a lot of grace. I have complained about him many times, but the truth is, I do love him. I don't like the things he does, and I wish he would stay away from my book bag, but I still love him.
I know that if I am capable of loving my naughty, naughty dog, and giving him grace and forgiveness, then naturally Gods character towards me is much bigger! I am just like my naughty, naughty dog sometimes with a behavior that needs to be covered in grace and forgiveness. God never fails to do that. What a blessing this is to me!
Say That Again to me today, Jesus. You have covered me in your grace, and I am richly blessed.


  1. What a cute little face. He sure doesn't look naughty. I think I will post anonymously today. ;-) But seriously, yes, Thank God for His gracious mercy and patience towards us! Isn't it amazing that He loves us so much when our behavior is often far worse than naughty, naughty little dog's?

    1. I just have a feeling that I know who you are, anonymous!! And, looks can be so deceiving, can't they? :) And, yes, God is pretty amazing to love us even when our behavior is far worse than naughty, naughty little dog's!!


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