Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Lists

My friend died. It was a sad day for me yesterday as I thought of her and realized I would not be seeing her again on this earth. I also felt sad because of the pain I knew her sister was in, my dear friend as well. They do not live near me and I have been wanting to go see them for a long time now, and I was feeling sad about the fact that I hadn't been able to do that yet either. It seemed there was just a list of sad for me, and as I plugged away at the day I continued to give my list to God.
My day was busy too, I worked at our ministry with my dearest friend and we made plans for future events. I cleaned my office, sorta. I was blessed with a haircut. And, for dinner, I went back to our ministry to meet up with another friend. As I was sitting down to eat my salad, I turned around and through the door, more friends started to file in the room. I was surprised to see them! All of them very precious and dear friends, ladies that I love very much. They sat down and preceded to tell me that they, along with many others had gathered the funds to purchase a ticket for me to fly to my friend so I could be with her!  All the names were listed on an envelope.
I was so taken with emotion and felt completely overwhelmed I had to remove myself from the room, just for a few moments. Just long enough to say to God "Thank you for blessing me with a list of friends that is far beyond anything I could ever imagine! Thank you for making me rich in heart!" And, God gently whispered back, "here's your new list!"
I am continually learning new lessons. I am continually learning that I am loved, and what I find so amazing is that God doesn't tire of showing me. He knows I need to know. Because of the experiences that I have had, the places I have been, I need to know, and so He shows me in amazing ways. This time He gave me an incredible list. Everyday He gives me something, and everyday I am amazed.
Say That Again, Jesus, You bring lists of blessings, You love, You keep. I Praise You today!


  1. Well, I must say God was definitely the miracle maker last night! It felt so good knowing God prepared our hearts to help just as He was preparing your heart to receive the miracle and blessings of love and friendship! I love you my dear friend!


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