Friday, January 13, 2012

The Stuff

My friend that died had a lot of stuff. She was a missionary and she traveled all over the world for many years. She collected many treasures. She left some of her stuff to me, and I am deeply touched. Most of her stuff is piled around the house, and I am looking at it with my other friend wondering what to do with all the stuff. It is lovely and I look at it all so fondly. I am currently sitting on the bed, and on the dresser sits pictures of my children, and pictures of me, pictures I have sent over the years. And, lots of stuff. There's a big window that overlooks a beautiful prairie and big trees. It is cold outside. It is quiet and peaceful here. What is going to happen to all the stuff? The pictures from Africa, Asia, and all the beautiful quilts, and all the books? The memories....
It's weird to think that someday my life on earth will be gone, and it's good to think that my life is eternal. It's intriguing to put myself in my own home and look around at the stuff, if I were gone, what would my family and friend do? It's just stuff and what would it mean to them? Would it be overwhelming? Would it be comforting? Would it be funny, fascinating, a learning  experiencing?  Would they just want to get it over with?
I want my stuff to be only the kind that leads to Jesus, the kind that reminds others of the journey with Him. My trek through this life, the walk I've had with Him and with others. It could be painful, and it could be joyful, it will be surprising, and interesting.
Jesus, use my stuff for Your Glory, for Your Kingdom. Use me to further the work You have to do each day. I love you and I need You so desperately. You are so Good!  Say That Again, dear God, take all my stuff and use it for Your Glory!

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