Monday, January 9, 2012

The Power

The song I'm listening to right now is "God's not dead, He's alive....come shake the ground with revival.  He's living on the inside..."
This morning I read about the power of the resurrection and how we have that very same power IN us, His Spirit. We, you and me, have the power of His Spirit to raise the dead, heal the sick, shake the ground with revival!
But....if I am unable to make the connections of Who I am, really am. My identity IN Jesus, I won't be able to connect with that power, His Spirit. I am God's child, His friend. I have been justified. I am united with the Lord and I am one spirit with Him. I am a member of Christ's body. I am a Saint, a holy one! I have been adopted as God's child, and I have direct access to God through the Spirit. I am redeemed and forgiven. I am complete in Christ!!  And, the list goes on and on.....
I did not know about any of this power a few years ago, but now Jesus is teaching me. And, His Spirit is alive and powerful and growing. Sometimes I forget. But, He doesn't forget, He is there all the time, loving me, holding me, keeping me, Captured In His Hands.
Grasp the Power of His Spirit, pray for revival in the land, surrender all regret to Him, hide in Him,  He is my castle, my revelation, My path, My life....Say That Again, Jesus You are the Resurrection, the mighty Power within me that uses me to further Your Kingdom!


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