Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Pesky Packets

At our ministry house we have been very busy working on some packets to mail out to churches in the surrounding areas. These packets seemed like a pretty good idea at first, so my son ordered my bio sheet and business cards for the packets.  Then, we added a cover letter, and another business card for a team mate. Then, it seemed like a great idea to add a picture of the entire team, and so the pesky packet project grew! My teammate and I have been stuffing envelopes for weeks now, and in this process, we have managed, or I should say, I have managed to get somewhat confused.  "Um, does this pesky packet have a business card in it yet?  Let me just throw another one in, just in case!"  My organized teammate, found four business cards in one pesky packet. Whoops, that must have been the packet I was in charge of.
I took a stack of the pesky packets to the post office, my hopes were high that the nice postal guy would take them off my hands and they would go off into mail land and end up in the mail boxes of all our tedious labor. But, my hopes were quickly dashed when all he could do for me was sell me bunches of stamps and send me on my way with my pesky packets. They all came back to Agape, and three of us stamped the pesky packets--stamp, stamp, stamp!!!
We drove to the post office again, this time confident and sure that the nice postal guy would be thrilled to see our pesky packets. He didn't even thank us! He just took them as if it were no big deal, not realizing the amazing accomplishment my teammate and I had just been through. Oh well!
We went back to Agape, and worked on more pesky packets, seeing that there was some organizing to do, and recognizing that I should not be the one to do it! The pesky packets are indeed, very pesky.
I find that the pesky packets are so much like life. Just like the pesky packets grew into something big, so do some of life's issues. And, just like I got a bit confused and unorganized by the pesky packets, this absolutely can happen with life's issues. It does for me. I know with life's issues, I can become overwhelmed and then get a little confused about my next step.  I have to stop and take a breath.  I need to be able to ask for help from someone more organized, get on track.  Gather my thoughts, and send them off to God, so I can recharge. God gives me the hope I need to keep going, to return again and look at more later on, and refocus.
Jesus, Say That Again to me, You see the pesky Packets, and you see the pesky in me. You are hope, and You are recharge. I will continue to come to You for that!

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