Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Training

Some of the Agape team and I have been at a Genesis Process training all week. We came home last night. We had a great trip. We left last Monday, five women packed in a car, bags and all. We packed semi-light. I had one medium sized bag, and it was stuffed full. I took shoes, and warm sweaters.  This is the bag I took:

We stuffed all our bags in the back of the car, and celebrated by taking a picture!

Our journey was fun. We talked, we laughed. It was full of anticipation.  Everyone was excited about the training and all the good things God was about to teach us.
We made stops along the way, and even tried to call home at an old phone booth:

We settled into our hotel right away. I liked seeing how we worked so well together. Everyone easily picked a room, and quickly started to put things away. We had candles, music, coffee, blankets, all the comforts of home.

The next day we were up bright and early and made it to the training in plenty of time. It didn't take long to see that we were in for an intense week!
Micheal Dye teaches the Genesis process in five days and he manages to stir up a lot of emotion!
I grabbed Micheal for a picture and also his lovely wife Cathy.

After the training, we would drive back to our hotel. Some would go for a run, or a swim. Some would retreat to the quiet of their room. I would usually retreat, because by then my body was not feeling very well and I was physically tired and emotionally tired. My family at home was going through some very difficult crisis, so I was feeling very sad for them. As I thought about the processes and worked through them and talked to God, my heart sometimes felt a little raw.
Sometimes I felt more like eating chocolate or hiding under my blanket.

Or I took pictures of other ladies doing their home work.

In the end, everybody finished. I learned a lot this past week, mostly about relationship. And, I was blessed by new experiences with God and His Words to me. Again, even in my moments of pain, He has shown me that I can laugh and be blessed. I can have joy in every journey and there will be a blessing.
On our way home, the pain in my body was more intense and I was beginning to feel like I was at my limit. I kept praying for God to give me the patience that I needed to get home. I needed to stop and get out of the car so I could lay down.

It's not exactly green pastures, but even in the pain, on the gravel parking lot, I couldn't help but laugh. My friends were gathered around me singing songs and doing jumping jacks.  A strange man came over from across the street to ask us if everything was okay. It all seemed kinda normal that I was laying around in the parking lot with gravel in my hair and girlfriends singing over me.  
Isn't that exactly what my Jesus does? He sings over me and all of us, and I am so pleased. And, as I am in training to further His Kingdom each and every day, He will continue to sing. 
Say That Again, Jesus! 

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