Friday, September 6, 2013

The Unprocessed Papers

Today was the day I was planning to have surgery, and hopefully see an end to the pain I've been experiencing all summer long. But, just thirty minutes before I was due to leave for the hospital the doctor's office called and confirmed that our insurance had not processed all the paper work, so it was not a guarantee that they would pay for the surgery. I decided to reschedule. I think it may be another three weeks before I am able to have this taken care of, and even though the thought of surgery is not exciting to me, I am looking forward to having a solution to this pain.
So, I'm working at being patient through the pain. But, I am finding that it is not always that easy. Surrendering the pain a step at a time is about the only way I'm going to get to the next step, and distraction.
Last night, my son gave me his teddy bear. He told me that I should take it with me to the hospital so that I would have something soft and comforting. I put it in my back pack, and when I saw him today after school I pulled it out and showed it to him. He grinned. He told me to keep his bear for awhile longer since I was still in pain, then maybe I would start to feel a little better.
My daughter came home with a bracelet that she made for me in school. It's white and fuzzy and it twists around my wrist. It is a sweet gift, and I like wearing it.
I have a friend that brought us dinner tonight, and even though I did not have surgery, her thoughtful gift felt like a life saver to me. I do not feel like making dinner! It did feel good to me to give my family dinner though, and my friend made that possible.
I was not able to get exactly what I wanted today to get my pain to lessen, but I still felt blessed in many ways. Tender moments, and thoughtful acts were weaved throughout my day.
I have been praying that I will have patience through the pain, I guess I will have to keep on praying the same prayer. And, I know God will give it to me because He promises to bless me with patience in His Spirit. Say That Again, Jesus, You will be there and give me patience through the pain.

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