Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Journey

Many years ago I use to listen to a song titled "Joy in the Journey" the artist is on the tip of my tongue, but of course I cannot remember him right now. Anyway, I've been thinking about that song the last couple of days, and asking God to give me some joy through this present journey. Life is full of all kinds of stuff, pain included. Right now, I get physical pain, so it takes more effort to see the joy for me.
Yesterday, I spent some time with a friend. We went to Starbucks for a coffee. We sat outside in the sun and drank our coffee, it was very nice. I listened to her talk about her last few days, and I found joy in the experiences she was recounting to me.
We then took our lunch and went to the park and dined with the bees. We had salad and cheese. We were by the lake, and the day was beautiful. I worked at seeing His creation, being thankful for my friend, feeling the air, the warmth, and loving life. After eating, we went on an ice cream hunt around town. I decided that our town has a huge fault, and that is, there are few places that sell ice cream. We went to one shop, that was closed for the season. We went to another that "hadn't sold ice cream in years." Finally, we hit the jackpot and found ice cream at the local coffee shop near my office. We didn't just have ice cream though, we made a new discovery. A scoop of ice cream with espresso poured over it and topped with whipped cream. Delicious---It has a name, something along the lines of affogatto. Sorry, I don't think I'm spelling it correctly.
Anyway, I found joy in my ice cream discovery, and I will certainly find my way back to that place again. It was fun. Ice cream, coffee, whip cream, all in one bite, that's a joyful bite!
I'm reading a new book, and in the first chapter he made it a point to say that it's about God's Kingdom, not about me. In other words, I'm not the star in this drama, God is. I have an important role to play, but it's not all about me. Sometimes, when I'm all wrapped in a world of hurt, I start thinking it's all about me, and it's easy to forget that the world is still turning.
I want to journey along into joy, hope, peace, faith, and pain, as Jesus opens His arms to me. As I live through all of this, I want to be a Witness for His Kingdom!  Jesus, Say That Again to me, You will journey with me!

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