Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Princess

My daughter and I have had the weekend to ourselves.  My husband and son went on a boy scout camping trip. After school on Friday, my daughter and I visited a friend, and then we ate taco's, her favorite food. We then came home to watch a movie, one of her favorite things to do. We watched Cinderella. She thought it was a lot of fun, and so did I. She got to stay in my bed and that was exciting for her. The next day, we had to hurry out the door because she had a soccer game in the morning. We went to the coffee shop first and got her juice. My husband came home for the afternoon to whisk her away to another soccer game, and give me a break. It was good for her to have some time with her daddy. And, good for me to have a rest.
My afternoon was gifted in many ways by friends blessing me, and again, I felt so loved and cared for. My Agape Team met for dinner and a meeting, we planned, we prayed, we laughed. My heart thanked God, again for this group, all of them eager to serve God and His Kingdom.
At the end of the day, my husband was gone again, back to our son. I found myself watching Princess Diaries with my daughter. When it ended she said, "I want to be a princess!" I said, "You already are a Princess, you have been from the beginning."
I remember wanting the very same thing when I was a little girl. Today, I was thanking Him for raising me into a princess, and for surrounding me with so many beautiful princesses.  Even though life is not perfect, and not pain free, I know where I'm sitting, and who I'm sitting next to! I know my feet are in Paradise.
It's after midnight right now, I woke up from the pain in my body. Even a princess has pain. Our insurance denied the surgery I need, because I have not had symptoms for over 6 months. This does not make me feel like a princess. But, the truth is, pain does not define who I am. God does. I will continue on the journey until there is a solution.
So, again, I've done some rambling, late at night. My daughter is asleep beside me. Fur Ball is asleep on the couch, legs in the air. I am probably grumpy, but there is no one here to confirm. Best of all, both my daughter and I are princesses. Both, citizens of God's Kingdom. Both with lovely friends that are princesses of God's Kingdom as well.
So, I think everyone should Say That Again!

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