Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Morning Gift

I woke up early this Easter morning, as I usually do, and one of my first thoughts was about gifts. It was kind of a carry over from yesterday, the theme of gifts was on my mind then too. Yesterday, I had traveled back to being a kid and giving gifts to various people in my life, handmade gifts. There was one gift in particular that I had crocheted  and given to someone, and then the gift was rejected.  Over the years, I have been less likely to give someone a gift that I've made, because I don't want to feel the emotional rejection. This morning, when I woke up, I thought about the gifts that God has offered His people, and the gifts He has specifically offered me, and how often those gifts have been rejected. His gifts of service through others, His gifts of love and hope, His gifts of friendship. Well, the list goes on. Through the years, I have rejected them all, mostly out of fear.
Now, this morning, Easter morning I am reflecting on the gift of His Resurrection. Life. Even that gift will be rejected by some! But, I know that my heart and soul cannot survive without this gift, and I am praising Him for the empty tomb. I'm asking Him to enable me to be a gift receiver as well as a gift giver. There is great value in both, for the impact of rejecting the gift could be death.  If I am a gift receiver to His children, it reflects Him. It shows others that I value them, love them, care enough about them to receive what they have to offer.
Jesus, Say That Again, open my heart and soul to Your gifts, and teach me to reflect you by giving and receiving gifts.

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