Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Sweet Potato's

I had lunch with  a friend today and we made stuffed sweet potato skins.  At first glance, I was a little hesitant about this recipe, but I washed the potato's and tossed them in the oven anyway. Now, as many of you may know, cooking is not on my top ten list of fun things to do, so I don't always know exactly what it is I'm doing, when it comes to cooking. I tossed in the potato's but didn't look at the time, so I wasn't too sure what time I had started the process. My friend arrived, and after awhile she asked about the smell in the house and it prompted my memory of potato's in the oven, and the recipe of healthy sweet potato skins.
We checked the potato's, and as I poked my fork in one while turning to ask my friend if it was done, the sweet potato lurched off my fork and bounced onto the floor. This was proof that it was most absolutely done! We retrieved the potato, thankful for the five second rule, and proceeded to make the stuffing.
As I chopped shallots and watched spinach saute, I questioned whether I would like this mixture in my sweet potato. Then, with the added cream cheese, and the chick peas I really became skeptical, but I pushed forward with perseverance and my friends optimistic attitude.
We filled the potato skins, topped them with cheese and slipped them back in the oven. Then they came out 10 minutes later looking and smelling very good. But, would I dare taste them? My first bite was a scrumptious delight; enough so, that I ate the whole thing!
So, what it brings me to is this: I don't always know the outcome. Sometimes it doesn't sound good. Sometimes it doesn't look so good. A lot of the time I just don't want to. And, often in the beginning something can go wrong. But, with the power of His Spirit, I can persevere. With the hope and support of others,  I can keep going and have a good attitude. And, somewhere along the way, it will turn out for good, because that is what God has planned for me. Say That Again, God, You have good plans for me, just like the Sweet Potato!

Healthy Sweet Potato Skins

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