Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Truck and The Stump

Okay, so this hasn't been the best year for our vehicles. I redesigned my husband's fender. And, a couple days ago, my husband and our two children slid across the road, off the edge and into the trees. They stopped, because my truck hit a big stump. My daughter said it was very scary and she closed her eyes the entire time. My son, even though he was scared too, later said it wasn't that bad! He opted to talk about my husband's driving skills and all the details of using the emergency brake, turning the steering wheel, and hitting the stump.
When my husband called me and casually informed me that he had slid off the road and was basically stuck for the day, and needed a ride, I was not afraid that anyone was hurt. I was taken back to years ago when every winter, my husband would get stuck in the snow, or run out of gas! And, our three boys would just know that any trip with their dad could be an adventure. I use to always have a book in my husbands Jeep, so I would have something to do when he got stuck in the snow.
After his phone call, I quickly got my stuff together and drove down the hill to retrieve my family. They were still sitting in my truck when I got there, they were closer than I expected, so I drove right by them. I then, had to find a place to turn around, so as I drove down a long driveway I asked Jesus to keep me from getting stuck.
Later in the day, at the time this picture was taken, much of the snow had melted and a friend came to pull my truck away from the stump and onto the road. My mirror was broken and my fender is cracked. I guess we are even now!
I was reminded of a sermon I had just listened to that morning. He was talking about how we can be moving along in life right on track with God, our focus on Him. Everything seems to be going okay and we are communicating with God, keeping in tune with Him, synced up. Then, something happens, there's a snow storm and we begin to slide a little, sometimes, before we know it, we are off the road.
This happens to me. Or, sometimes, I just hit a stump. I had an off the road moment yesterday, and I needed to call a friend to pray. It was the best way to get pulled back on the road. I had a hit the stump moment too, and I needed to ask someone to forgive me.
Jesus, You have promised to keep me from falling, Your promise is to protect me when I call on Your name! Say That Again!

Give your burdens to the Lord, and He will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall. Psalms 55: 22

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