Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Trip to Wonderland

Yesterday was a long day. My daughter and I left our post of watching my grandson around 9am. By the time we left he seemed to be feeling better, but saying goodbye to him was not an easy thing to do. I wanted to stay longer and hold him, kiss him, and love on him. But, we were on a time line, and we had to be back in my office in time for a Team meeting, and then after that, we had plans to go to the theater to watch the play Alice in Wonderland.
We met a group of lovely women at the coffee shop before Alice and had some nice conversation. We exchanged pictures of puppy dogs, grand babies, and shared stories about our week. Then, from there, we headed to Wonderland...
I did not know the story of Alice, so I was not sure what to expect. Something about hats and tea, and a rabbit?  We all sat in our row, and the show began.  Christian Youth Theater performed with amazing talent, and even though I cannot say that I completely followed the story line of Alice in her Wonderland, after all, throwing and boiling babies, and screaming queens were somewhat alarming, I still enjoyed my time with Alice.
The best part of my day? It was holding my grandson, and helping my daughter in law, it was the heart to heart conversation I had with my daughter in law. It was getting lost coming back home. It was being in a team meeting with a group of people that loves Jesus. It was sitting in a row with a group of women and hearing their laughter, seeing their smiles. It was coming home to my husband, and being next to him, safe in his arms. For me, the entire day was a trip to wonderland, and it was good. It was waking up the next day and seeing my children.
Jesus, once again I am reminded of how You have blessed me. Say That Again. I praise Your Holy name, for You are my Holy God!

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