Monday, March 11, 2013

The Country Walk

We had sun yesterday, it was a delight. We gathered ourselves up and went for a walk. Just down the road from our house we are blessed with National Forest, and a lot of natural walking trails. So,   Fur Ball, ready to run and chase, my son. in shorts, my husband in his sandals and winter hat, my daughter and I properly dressed for a spring walk,  headed out. Fur Ball was elated to run up and down the trail until he had to stop to rest, panting in exhaustion. Our children, had to scout out all the rocks, only wishing to find the best ones in which to climb. Our son was willing to tromp through the snow even if it meant getting his bare legs ice cold. My husband, forgetting his age, decided to walk the barricade, and show off for the family his amazing skills. Our daughter worked very hard to keep up with her brother, and did a good job of it.  I just took pictures and kept everyone in line! 

It was a very nice day and a great walk, with the people I love. I am thankful for this. God does bring adventure into my life all the time, how could He not? Look at the people He has blessed me with! 
Say That Again, Jesus, I went on a Country Walk and in one hour I experienced so much of Your love through this adventure. My children climbing through the snow and up the rocks. My husband balancing on a bar and being silly. And, my dog running around like a crazy dog....laughter, love, fun, and joy. I felt Your warmth, and saw Your nature, I heard You speak. Jesus, Say that Again, You will be with me on my Country Walk always!

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