Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Glory of God

I've been listening to a sermon series on Ephesians, and I've been reminded again of who I am in Christ. Because of who I am, and the gift of His Spirit, I have boldness and confident access through faith in Him.
I have a couple events coming up in my life where I will need to remember Christ is in me, and pray for His boldness. I think that I will need to walk by faith, and it will feel like I am stepping off the edge of a cliff. But, that's what faith is, right? Confident access that through Him He will be there to catch me and show me the way. I don't have to see the direction right now, or know everything, I just need to obey His calling.
Yesterday, as I discussed this with a couple of friends, I felt paralyzed. And, I know that is the opposite of boldness. It reminded me of one of the sermons I listened to. He told how Paul was in prison, again, which was basically a hole in the ground. It was cold, grungy, dirty, and infested. There wasn't a bathroom, or a shower. There were prisoners above him with the same issue. It was gross. But, Paul loved Jesus, and he knew that his situation was not about him or the people around him. Everything was about bringing glory to God. And, that is the way he wanted to think about his life all the time in every situation, what brings God glory?
As I walk through my everyday life, how much of it would I change if my thought pattern was constantly asking, "What brings God glory?"  In the events I plan, the way that I speak, the people that I love? What brings God glory? Every part of every day is about God, none of it is about me, so how do I live that  way?
Jesus, Say That Again to me, You walked this earth to bring glory to Your Father. Your Spirit is within me to empower me with boldness and confident faith, enable me to bring You glory!

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