Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Days I Live

We made caramel apples with our family and friends. It was a fun day, and the apples were especially good. I didn't buy enough apples, nor did we have enough caramel, so in the middle of our project we had to run to the store for more. It was sticky. 

I got to spend the day with two of my grandchildren. It was delightful. We went to my office and they ran up and down the hallway. They also played in my husband's office and sat with him on the couch.

We also went out for ice cream.

After our adventurous ice cream trip, we drove home. My grandson was exhausted and he took a nap. I wanted to take a nap, but my granddaughter had lots to tell me, and was eager to share it all! We played on the swing outside, and we explored the toys in the house. She pushed the little red cart around, and carried her baby in her arms.  When my grandson woke up, they decided to play blocks, and color, and do all kinds of fun things in my house.

Today, was a nice day for me. I have been so tired lately, waiting for surgery to be approved and feeling sad over some losses. There have been a lot of things to think about and several changes in my life. Today, I went to the park with a friend. It was a beautiful Fall day. The sun was warm, the colors were beautiful. We had a very nice time.

With each day I continue to thank God for His blessings. Sometimes I have been irritable, or fearful, and I have needed to whisper His name over and over again. I have needed to ask Him to Say That Again to me "do not be afraid, dear child, for I am with you!"  I have needed to ask others to pray for me, and to ask Him to help me abide in Him. 
Jesus, Say That Again, over and over. I know I need to hear you constantly, for I am weak, and You are strong.

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