Friday, October 25, 2013

The One True Hope

This last summer I made a pallet out of pieces of wood a friend brought me. It is currently hanging in our living room. I have looked at it often, and reminded myself that there is always Hope, because Jesus is the One True Hope.
The reality is, in the midst of making this, I was not necessarily feeling hopeful. My walk was being tested, as my physical health was declining with pain. It didn't feel like I was stepping into Springtime at all, but rather walking through a desert, and, I was.
Now, I feel like I'm stepping out of the desert, into something else, there is change and risk, and even excitement. There is Hope! Walking through that desert with Jesus stirred all kinds of emotions in me. And, tested my faith, my ability to trust, my relationships, my heart and soul!
My doctor called to tell me that my insurance finally approved the surgery I need. This is an area that God has asked me to wait on Him for a long time, and I have waited. Sometimes I have not waited well. But, through the waiting, my life has changed.
The One True Hope is Jesus, He always comes through. In the desert, the waiting, the pain, and the change. He is working through all things to fulfill His plan for His Kingdom. We are all part of the plan, and so as I continue, to walk towards Him, there will be many seasons.
Say That Again Jesus, You are the One True Hope!

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