Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Warrior Sister Saints

This weekend I went away to a cabin in the woods. My Agape Team was with me, except for one, we discussed the year ahead of us. We had a great time. We had a renewing, restoring, time. We left Friday. Three of us left earlier in the day and headed North. We stopped in a little town and had lunch, then grabbed some coffee before going to our cabin.

We stayed in a cabin that was nestled on 23 acres, deep in the woods. It was beautiful. The Fall colors, the warm sun, and the promise of deepening relationships, quickened my heart.

We took turns preparing meals for each other. We spent time reading stories. We prayed. We discussed the plans for Agape, our ideas, questions, hopes, and desires. We stepped out into new territory and trusted each other.

The Mission Statement at Agape is this:

Our mission, as Saints of God, is to allow Him to work though us to bring healing in His community. Led by the Word, confirmed by the Holy Spirit. We seek Restoration, Renewal, and Revival.

God has called me to be on mission for Him, and He's called these beautiful women to walk this journey too. We are Warrior Sister Saints, and we are ready to allow Him to work through us to bring healing in His community. We are led by the Word of God, filled and confirmed by the Spirit. We seek Restoration, Renewal, and Revival in our own lives!

This weekend our goal was to connect with each other, and to plan events for our community in which we can show love, faith, creativity, joy, and most of all Jesus! I am excited that Jesus is very present among us! 

Keep your eyes open for posts from my Warrior Sister Saints on the Agape site at and tonight I am praising Jesus for the sisters He has brought into my life. They are an answer to prayer. This time He is telling me to Say That Again, reminding me that this is the prayer I prayed over and over again for years, and yes, He has pulled through, and He is still pulling through.

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