Thursday, May 2, 2013

The New Dog Food

My husband purchased a new dog food for Fur Ball. This has been a very exciting event in Fur Balls life, he loves his new food! He wants to eat all the time now. Every morning, he runs to his bowl eagerly awaiting his scoop of food. As soon as we get home, he starts pawing the floor and barking, in a desperate effort to tell me that it's time for a little snack. In the evening, he runs to his bowl and prances around barking, in hopes that we will graciously give him an evening snack to hold him over til morning. I've noticed that his encounters with the butter on our counter has lessened, because he is now totally taken with his own food!
Just as Fur Ball is constantly thinking about his food and wanting to take it in, I too want to feed on the Word of God. Jesus, the Bread of Life, feeds my soul. What a wonderful, glorious thing!
Jesus, Say That Again to me, today, You will feed my soul, and I will breath You in.

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