Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Changes

This month has been the month of changes for me. I've needed to make some adjustments to my life, my schedule, and some internal changes to the way I approach my daily routine. I've also had to look at some of the challenges God has been calling me to and step out in obedience to Him. Some of the changes have required boundaries that have been painful and uncomfortable, requiring me to wait on God and be patient.  Most of the changes have been good, some of them have been the process of accepting hard news, or taking a stand that I think may create tension.
Yesterday was a mixed up day for me. It was an example of the changes I'm working to make all come together. My son stayed home from school, he gets to do that every now and then, we spent the morning being together. It was very nice. We played several games. He drove my truck around the driveway. And, I pushed him in the swing for a long time as we talked, then he pushed me. I loved our time together, and I'm looking forward to spending time like that with him again. It was nice, because I want to intentionally spend time alone with each of my children.
I then reconnected with a friend, and once again, recognized that God was directing my steps in amazing ways. It was His timing, not mine.
The afternoon was spent playing with my daughter, one on one with her. She found a game she especially enjoyed and it was exciting to me to see God work in her life through a game!
My daughter in-law had a party in the evening, and I went to that. It was very nice. I'm always so impressed by everything my daughter in-law does!  She had the party at her mother's house. A lovely group of women showed up. I noticed that even though we didn't all know each other, there was a connection between the women, and the conversation was good. It wasn't just surface talk the entire time, but heart to heart talk at times. I noticed that there was grace in the circle of women she invited, and I was not surprised!
So, many wonderful things about my day. I also had some news that left my heart feeling ripped apart, consequently, a mixed up day. It brings me back to the changes of life. Life can seem one way today, but tomorrow it can all change, the only thing that really stays the same is Jesus. I will change, the world will change, the people around me will change, but Jesus will stay the same. Say That Again, Jesus, You will stay the same!

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