Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Button Party

Our ministry, Agape Celebration, had a Button party. A friend of mine suggested it awhile back, and it was a great idea!  A couple of our team members got the plans together and we had a great party. A lot of people showed up with a variety of projects, tons of buttons, and much anticipation for a full evening of creative, artistic, button, fun!
The project I brought was pretty much finished, so I spent most of my time taking pictures and talking to everyone that came. It was good. I attempted to make a button bracelet, and managed to get two buttons together, then realized that it probably wasn't going to be my favorite project. My more creative friend on the Agape Team, kindly finished it for me.  Whew, saved by creativity!
It was fun to see all the colors of buttons and how some people like to mix them up and others like to keep their colors together, and in order. Big buttons, little buttons, and medium sized ones too. Old ones, and newer ones. A button to meet every need, just look, and you will find. I was happy to see how the buttons were shared, and there was enough for all.
I've had fun adding buttons to different things around the house. I put some buttons on a lamp shade.

And. some buttons on a canvas.

And, some buttons on a chalkboard

 Buttons on a vase

And, last, but certainly not least, a book with buttons. This book holds recipes that a friend and I have cooked together. Meals I've cooked with success. And, favorite pictures of family and friends, along with favorite memories.

The Button Party was a lovely combination of all of these things. But, most of all, it was lovely women coming together and being in fellowship with each other. I thought is was very nice, a colorful, button-filled experience!
Many of my friends were there, and I met many new women too. My team got to be challenged in some new ways, and we all learned how to do events better the next time. God continues to grow me, teach me, and challenge me. It's just like the buttons on a project, He just keeps stacking up the different challenges, but still I will persevere.  As they stack, I grow and become glued to Him and to others, through His Spirit.  He continues to Say That Again and Again to me so I will not loose hope and I will remember that it is about Him and not me!

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