Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Destination

Home is a sweet destination, I like being here, and I like the people I come home to. Home sweet home.  I spent the day traveling home yesterday, and it seemed like a very long trip home. Before leaving to drive to the airport, we stopped to see my mom. It was a nice visit. She was waiting to go to physical therapy, for her broken hip, so she was up and dressed. I helped her put on her shoes, and I brushed her hair. We chatted about the wedding of my niece. Goodbyes can be awkward and painful, and strained for me. But, life is full of goodbyes.
Our trip to the airport was a five hour journey, and even though we had an evening flight, we had decided we should leave in the morning, just in case. We had extra luggage that we were taking back with us, and it felt like it was best to have extra time. So, we started our trek North. My waves of emotions continued along the way as I thought about the last few days and determined what the next steps would be.
I thought of  many good memories on our drive to the airport,  camping trips with my brother and spinning rides in Disney Land. Memories of learning to drive his car, and then wrecking his car! Good conversations, trust, and time spent together.
Our plane was delayed, so we were graciously put on a different flight.  There were times that it felt like home would not be in my sights, but finally by 2 am, I was back in my country home with my husband and Fur Ball, my children peacefully sleeping in their beds.
Life throws curve balls, this I know. The curve balls are relationships. We all want to get home to the relationship that feels the best and the safest. I want to get home, to my sweet, sweet, home. There's a lot of curve balls out there, and I want them to be straight.
 Jesus, You can straighten the curve!  Sometimes to me the trip is very long, but I know You are right there beside me and You are leading the way. You are the Destination.  Say That Again, You are the Destination.

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