Friday, May 10, 2013

The Sweet Moments

 We are on a trip to visit our son and his family. Our son is graduating, and we are very excited and happy for him. He is moving forward with many opportunities, and best of all, a beautiful family. We had the honor of spending the day with him and our grandson yesterday, and the afternoon with our daughter in-law. We went to the park to play, and had dinner. The moments, every one of them together, were sweet.
 We played on the big teeter totter. I watched my grandson slide down the slide. And swing in the swing.
 My grandson discovered the water, and wished he could go for a swim.
And, he gathered lovely flowers, then tried to eat them for a snack!
Life is full of sweet moments, and I have been blessed with many of them. Sometimes I still forget them! I can get caught up in the daily routine and stress of life, and before I know it the big sweetness of life can feel small. So, today, I am thankful for parks, and teeter-totters, swings, and flowers in the grass. I am thankful for the sun, and toddlers learning to walk. I am thankful for children that teach me about the sweet moments, the silliness, the celebrations, the sobering realities, and family. I am blessed to be loved and wanted.
As Jesus walks each Sweet Moment with me, and brings more of them into my life I ask Him to Say That Again to me. "You are loved and wanted."

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