Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Graduate, The Market, and The Dead Body

My son graduated with his Masters degree in pastoral studies.

It was a good evening for all of us, although I think my grandson, his one year old son was not nearly as interested in all the festivities as the rest of us.

The next day, my son flew off on a mission trip. My daughter in law and grandson went on other adventures, and we went with our oldest son and daughter in law to the market.

On the way to the market there was an accident. We slowed with the traffic, and as I looked over to the side, I saw a body laying on the sidewalk. The body was completely covered up with the silver blanket, only legs were showing. I gasped, and my husband turned, to look. We both began to wonder who the person was and my husband speculated about her morning.
Once again, the realization of how quickly the gift of life can be taken was right in front of me, and I praised God for my life and my family. I praised Him for graduations, and market days, and sweet moments with my grandson and treasured time with God. Life is unpredictable, but God is not.
Jesus, Say That Again to me, You are with me all the time, I can count on that. In life and in death. 

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