Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Wind of His Spirit

The Wind of the Spirit was mentioned to me a few days ago, and I've been thinking a lot about that. What does the wind of His Spirit feel like in my life?  Then, today, as I was driving I listened to a song by Casting Crowns called Spirit Wind. They sing about the dead bones growing flesh and coming to life, because the Spirit Wind is blowing through them.  Then, I started to think about some of the dead dry bones in my life, and how the Spirit Wind has blown through me and given me new life, revival. Sometimes the Wind is a soft gentle breeze and the lies I may have believed are softly blown away, slowly and gradually. Other times the Wind comes like a hurricane and whips though my life, bringing revival to areas where the lies I've believed have killed me!
In the Sarah Young devotional today I read this:

"Thank me continually for the amazing gift of my Spirit within you."

"Ah! The amazing Spirit that blows within, just like the wind. Blows out the old, and blows in the new. Only The Wind of His Spirit can do something this amazing!
Ezekiel knew all about this wind:

God grabbed me. God's Spirit took me up and sat me down in the middle of an open plain strewn with bones. he led me around and among them-a lot of bones! There were bones all over the plain--dry bones, bleached by the sun. He said to me, 'Son of man, can these bones live?' I said, ' Master,GOD, only you know that.' He said to me, 'Prophesy over these bones: dry bones, listen to the Message of GOD!'
GOD, the Master, told the dry bones. 'Watch this: I'm bringing the breath of life to you and you'll come to life. I'll attach sinews to you, put meat on your bones, cover you with skin, and breathe life into you. You'll come alive and you'll realize that I am GOD!' 
I prophesied just as I'd been commanded. As I prophesied there was a sound and, oh, a rustling! The bones moved and came together, bone to bone. I kept watching. Sinews formed, then muscles on the bones, then skin stretched over them. But, they had no breath in them.
He said to me, ' Prophesy to the breath, Prophesy, son of man. Tell the breath, GOD, the Master, Says ' Come from the four winds. Com, breath. Breathe on these slain bodies, Breathe life!'"

Is God grabbing you? Is His Spirit Wind moving through you and breathing life into the dead dry areas of your life? Is He rustling like the wind, and giving you new muscle and skin?
Ah, the amazing gift of the Spirit Wind!
Say That Again, Lord God, breath you Spirit Wind in me!

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